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The modern, delicate interior of the American “butcher house” style does not leave indifferent anyone who likes to enjoy a good, high-quality steak! The “driving engine” of the restaurant is the grill dishes, namely various steaks, the meat for which the restaurant’s kitchen team has chosen over many years of trying to prepare different types. So, guests are served mouth-watering steaks to their desired level of doneness right off the grill! As one of the chefs, Virgaudas, jokingly says, our style is “from grill to plate”.

Well, seafood lovers have been enjoying one of the most popular appetizers at “The Town Steakhouse” restaurant for a long time – spicy tiger shrimp and tuna chop with avocado guacamole. For those who can’t imagine a dinner without fish dishes, we offer to try “Sea sole”, served with French butter and fresh thyme sauce.

Linas, Karolis and Mantas are our long-term team members who know and remember every detail related to the restaurant’s regular guests: what kind of steak they like, which table they like, or what wine needs to be prepared before the guests arrive. This trio of guys is like a living “restaurant database” that makes sure guests get what they love most every time!


“The Town Steakhouse” is probably the longest-running steak restaurant on Gediminas Avenue. Established in 2014, the restaurant has formed a wide circle of regular guests over the years, who visit the restaurant almost every day. The idea of a good business must mature, this idea is confirmed by Mindaugas Stasiulionis, who returned to his hometown of Vilnius after many years of wandering around the world and in 2012. Having established his first steakhouse restaurant “böff” with a business partner, and later decided to offer high-quality meat in a more active part of the city. For 10 years, the Town Steakhouse restaurant has always been appreciated by the residents of the city for its first-class service, the taste of the dishes and the successfully developed “less is more” philosophy!

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